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The ICT Center at the Beirut Bar Association seeks to create a unity between the old traditional profession and the modern high technology. The desired objective is the contribution to achieving the best image of the mission of the legal profession, even if this image is hypothetical. Following the era of smart technology and surging the waves of globalization in the legal profession became an inevitable fact. We strive, through this ICT Center, and in the minimum, to facilitate the lawyer's work as much as possible and to connect him continuously to his Bar through the management of the electronic page in its new format ensuring new services it was necessary to add. The Committee addresses also all the technical aspects related to the BBA Softwares & Solutions and to field of information transfer in the Bar and ensures the proper functioning and the development of computer programs in all respects. Moreover, the ICT Center has a strong role in accompanying the legislations related to this subject, while commenting them and participating in their implementation, and while having access to the most recent jurisprudence issued by the Lebanese tribunals related to the same subject, commenting them and publishing them on its page. In addition, the Committee organizes conferences and prepares legal studies on informatics in general, along with other tasks assigned to the Committee for Informatics within the framework of integration of the new technology to the Bar. But its most important role, in the first place, is to support the Bar President in all that concerns the subjects and activities that fall within the scope of Information and Communication Technology.

The most important achievements of the ICT Center in 2014 & 2015 are the following: 

- The launching of the Hotline related to online freedom of expression law cases in collaboration with MARCH (Dr Charbel Kareh - Lea Baroudy):

- RIPE NCC forum participation (Dr Charbel Kareh - Atty Ghassan Khoury - Atty Charbel Chbeir):


- Launching the BBA ICT Center (Atty Aline Nammar - Atty Mirna Mallak - Dr Pierre Khoury - Atty Simon Tawil - Dr Charbel Kareh - Atty Jean Akl - Atty Diana Rhayem - Atty Charbel Chbeir - Dr Marwan Charafedine - Atty Maroun mahouli):

ICT Center launching

- Launching Lebanon 2020 Participation (Dr Charbel Kareh - Dr Marwan Charafedine - Atty Charbel Chbeir)

lebanon 2020

- Participation in E-government launnching (Dr Charbel Kareh)


bba egov

- App4legal Inauguration (Dr Charbel Kareh - BBA President Georges Jreij - Firas Hajjar)


- Internet Freedom Report in Lebanon (Dr Charbel Kareh)


- E-syndicate portal of the BBA launching (Dr Charbel Kareh - Dr Linda Kassem - Atty Maroun Mahouli - Atty Jean Akl - Atty Diana Rheyem - Atty Charbel Chbeir - Atty Ghassan Khoury - Dr Marwan Charafedine)


- The implementation of the website of the Bar with the electronic payment technology, in collaboration with KOEIN (Atty Maroun Mahouli - Atty Diana Rhayem - BBA President Georges Jreij - Dr Charbel Kareh - Atty Charbel Chbeir).

Website launching

- The Mobile App Project of the Bar (App) on portable smart phones.

- Membership of the Bar as a founding member of the Lebanese Internet Center for lb. registrar, and the participation in the development of the general policy for the management of the names of Lebanon sites lb.


- Organization of a seminar on Open Data, in collaboration with Internet Society – Lebanon Chapter.Open Data

- Installing internet Microwave, in collaboration with IDM in the Bar building and in that of the House of the Lawyer.

- Obtaining reductions on the lawyers' cellular phones reaching up to 35% among lawyers within the same network and 20% outside the network (Wassim Mansour - Minister Boutros Harb - President Georges Jreij - Marwan Hayeck - Dr Charbel Kareh).

Mobile discount ceremony

- Concluding a contract with KOEIN, in collaboration with Unilebanon, in order to implement an integrated information system for the Bar and connect it to the website in preparation for the launch of the electronic Bar.

- Connecting the programs of Almustashar to the Website.

- Participation of the ICT Center in Arab Internet Governance Forum 2014 (Atty Charbel Chbeir - Dr Charbel Kareh - Ghassan Khoury)


- Implementing the electronic role of the audiences and starting to try it at the Palace of Justice in Metn.

- Completing the electronic network infrastructure, with its information, in collaboration with Domtech and connecting the Bar building to that of the House of the Lawyer through fibers.

- Connecting the thesaurus of the bank legal database and its glossary related to the Union of Arab Banks to the website of the Bar.

- CashIn Ceremony for Lawyer fees collection (Atty Jean Akl - Dr Charbel Kareh - haitham jomaa)

CashIn Ceremony


Cashin with ayman


- The ICT Center attending a meeting with Telecom minister in CCIB regarding Lebanese Domain names (Dr Linda Kassem - Charbel Chbeir - Dr Charbel Kareh - Atty Jean Akl).


CCIB with minister harb



- The ICT Center participating in e-transactions law project negotiations in the Parliament committee (Dr Linda Kassem - Dr Charbel Kareh - Atty Diana Rhayem).

parliament committee


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