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Address of Antonio El Hachem
Following the release of the results of the Beirut Bar Association elections
On October 15th, 2015

Dear Colleagues,
Honorable Audience,

Today... three things have witnessed the victory:
Lebanon, proving that democracy has not vanished.
The Bar Association because it gave this torn country a bright image of friendship, unity and love in these anxious hours and this era of great grudge.
And you, the lawyers, with your sedateness and the nobleness of your conscience.

If your General Assembly raised me to this position of honor, then I swear to God that I will carry all of you in my heart and my conscience, and I will not recover composure before I realize your hopes with the collaboration of my colleagues at the Bar Council.

October 15th, 2015 has been one day in a whole journey, because the Bar will pursue its long path. The elections are only one step aiming to renew confidence and assert the immunity of this institution that was not built on the sand but rather on rocks of values, culture and patriotism. Today, you have shown the free and democratic face of a Bar that wants to be a bastion of freedom and right.

Dear Colleagues,

Beirut is the mother of laws, and the Bar of rights and laws will be the daughter of its mother and in its image.
Like a giant sheltering the sun, our Bar will stick to its unifying national positions with only one concern: the Man and his rights whatever his party or category.
Those who were used to make a field out of the great space will not feast on small alleys; those who were raised on clarity and straightness will never know winding paths.
We will not search for axes with which we agree to gain an interest, sometimes making allies and some other times opposing; our Bar is the axis that should never be underestimated and those who support the right and the law are always welcome.

We will accept no mediation in this respect; we are a tongue, a position and accountability against those who have violated liberties and rights and corrupted the land; but we are the support of all those who worked and are still working to raise the law and the right to the highest levels.
We will only accept an impartial, wise, fair and independent judiciary.
We will only accept the return of democratic life in Lebanon.

Dear Collègues,

The mission of the legal profession, our love for Lebanon and the defense of its territory's freedom and its people's independence urge us to live an ongoing battle, in which the Bar elections are only one aspect and through which we are only writing one page in a book that has been written by our fathers and ancestors and that we will continue to write with our children and grandchildren, as long as there is a wasted right or an injustice the makes human rights and dignity suffer.

I thank the Bar President, Me. Georges Jreij, as well as all former Bar Presidents, all members of the Bar Council and the Pension Fund Management Committee who devoted themselves to serve the Bar; and a thousand greetings to my colleagues and friends who worked hard with me throughout the last months.

Dear Colleagues,

Our Bar is a mirror of glory and a flower of nobleness and pride.
You are the guardians of the temple.
Let your word be free, courageous, with no error, no wound and no shame.
Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow is a day for work and achievements of goals.
I will not break my commitments; I will always be faithful to my promises.
And still... together we will pursue our path.

Long live the audience,
Long live the Beirut Bar Association,
Long live Lebanon.


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