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The Beirut Bar Association is the association encompassing the lawyers mandatorily registered in its bar roll, to whom the law restricted the right to represent and plead before courts and achieve the mission of justice by revealing legal opinion and depending the rights, pursuant to the provisions of the Law on the Organization of the Profession of Law No. 70/8 with it amendments and to the bylaws of the Bar and the Regulation of the Profession’s Ethics.

The Beirut Bar was established pursuant to the decision of the General Administrative Governor No. 192 issued on February 6th, 1919. The decision provided for organizing the profession of law among its current members and those applying to enter this independent corps. It also ordered the formation of an administrative committee for the Bar Association at the Court of Appeals, whereby it would be comprised of a chair and four members.


On 19/12/1919, the first Bar Association administrative committee was formed. It was made up of a chair appointed by the administrative governor and four members elected by the Assembly. Mr. Wadeeh Romani was appointed as the first chairman of the administrative committee. Hence, Mr. Romani is the first president of the Beirut Bar.

On 26/5/1921, the Great Governor of Lebanon issued the first law to organize the profession of law by decision No.665. The law included the procedures of formation of the Bar Association and the electoral rules. He set 15/6/1921 as a date to elect the president of the bar and members of the Council of the Bar. Back then, President Albert Qachou’ won.

On 7/11/1926, he allocated in every first-instance court a room for lawyers.

On 16/3/1928, the Bar issued under President Habib Tabet a decision ordering the lawyers to dress in the “defined garment” in the decision of 30/7/1921.

On 31/7/1931, the system of internship started in the Beirut Bar as per a decision by the Council of the Bar, which was presided over by President Bechara Khoury who endorsed in the same session the law relevant to the lawyer’s fees.

On 17/10/1931, the first female intern in Lebanon was registered, Ms. Paulette Ameslend Tamer.

On 23/5/1935, a second law on the Organization of Profession of Law was promulgated. The term of the president of the bar was now two years instead of one. Internship was set at three years. The law prohibited work in law (as lawyers) and in civil service. It set up the Lawyers Aid Fund. It conferred upon the Council of the Bar the right to issue the bylaws. The first bylaw was issued on 23/1/1937 under President Najib Debs.

On 27/4/1940, the General Assembly, chaired by President Fouad Khoury, approved of the draft-law on Lawyer’s Fees.

On 21/5/1942, and under President Fouad Khoury, the decree-law No.180 was issued, providing for the establishment of the Lawyers’ Pension Fund in Beirut.

On 13/12/1945, and under President Sheikh Edmond Gaspar, the third law on the Organization of the Profession of Law was issued, and it was the first one after independence.

On 6/6/1950, in Issue 24 of the official gazette, and under President Jean Tiyan, the law on the examination of the intern lawyers before their transfer to the General Roll was published, in addition to other points relevant to the dismissal from the Lawyers’ Roll. The condition of examination was annulled by the law issued on 6/6/1950.

On 28/7/1966, the Parliament passed the law on establishing the Cooperative Fund under President Nemr Wehbe, and law was enacted on 10/9/1966.

On 29/12/1967, the Council of the Bar endorsed the bylaws of the Cooperative Fund, and it was endorsed as well by the Justice Minister.

On 11/3/1970, under President Fayez Haddad, Law No. 70/8 on the Organization of the Profession of Law was issued, and it is still in effect till today, along with its amendments, the most important of which is the amendment endorsed by the Parliament on 31/5/1988 under President Raymond Eid and published in the official gazette on 21/3/1991. This law set the fee of 1/1,000 for the reciprocal contracts for the Pension Fund and the Cooperative Fund.

On 3/8/1972, the Council of the Bar passed the Bar Association’s bylaws.

On 15/11/1974, the Council of the Bar enacted the internal regulations for the emergency insurance and self-insurance.

On 10/11/1977, the Council of the Bar passed the new administrative and financial regulations for the Bar Association under President Roger Chikhani. The first administrative and financial regulation for the Bar was issued in 1968 under President Michel Aql.

On 12/8/1988, a new law for the Pension Funds of the Beirut and Tripoli Bars was issued.

On 15/10/1994, under the patronage and in the presence of Excellency President Elias Hrawi, the Bar Association celebrated the diamond jubilee for the Lost Steps Hall at the courthouse under President Michel Khattar, in the presence of senior State officials, senior officials from the Judiciary, Arab and foreign presidents of the Bar. On this occasion, the Bar issued the “Diamond Book” which included an extract on the history of the Bar, significant acknowledgments, honoring standpoints and the story of a continuous and increasing struggle to achieve the right and freedom which make the front of the profession of law glitter.

On 15/11/1996, under President Chakib Qortbaoui, the current bylaws were passed.

On 10/10/1997, the Council of the Bar enacted the Statute of the Human Rights Institute.

On 11/11/1997, under President Chakib Qortbaoui, the current administrative and financial regulations were passed.

On 8/3/2002, under President Raymond Chedid, the Council of the Bar enacted the Regulation on the Ethics of the Profession of Law and professionalism of lawyers.

On 1/7/2003, Excellency President Emile Lahoud inaugurated the Lawyer’s House (Beit al-Mouhami) under President Raymond Chedid.


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