The Committees

The Legislative Committee
Committee on Professional Ethics
Committee of Culture
The Committee for Defending Public Freedom and Human Rights
Committee studying the taxation laws and the Anti-money laundering Law & Terrorism
The Legal Aid Committee
Anti-Corruption Committee
Committee of Energy and Water
Disbarment Committee
Follow up committee on the works of the special tribunal for Lebanon
The Committee of International Relations
Committee on Banking studies and Affairs
The Committee of the Prisons' Affairs
The Committee of Public Relations
The Committee of Sports
The Committee of the Environment
The Woman's Committee
The Family's Committee
Juveniles and Child Rights Committee
The Committee of the Follow up on Lebanon's accession to the WTO
Protocol Committee
The Committee of Anti-Resettlement and Normalization
The Committee of the Intellectual Property
The Bar's history and memory committee
Committee on administrative decentralization
Mock Trials Committee
Consumer Protection Committee
The Committee of the Trainee's affairs
Committee for drafting the optional civil marriage law
Committee for the Coordination and Implementation of International Treaties against Corruption
Procuration's Committee

The Lawyers Members

The President of the Beirut Bar Association by virtue of article 117 of the Internal Regulations nominates hereby the “Committee of follow up on legal affairs related to the accession of Lebanon to the WTO and subsequent conventions as well as the conventions with the European Union” for the year  as follow:

Position Name
 President Salaheddin Dabbagh
Vice-president Mohammad Mattar  
Rapporteur   Rayan Kawtaly


Talal Najem Rene Abi Rached
Rizk Zougheib  Edmond Chammas 
 Marwan Salameh Ernest El Gemeyel 
Samir Baroudi  Joe Nahoul 
 Ramez Hammoud Ali Zbeeb 
 Adana Akkawi Maarouf Mezher 
 Hussam Rasbieh Nathalie Chalhoub 
Ghaleb Mahmassani Assaad Feghali
 Fayez El Hajj Chahine Rostom Abou Jaoude 
Kamal Abou Zaher Khalil Kabbani
Kamile Finianos Amer Badreddine
Amine El Halabi Rania Dabbas
Mazen Rassamni Rabih Mounzer
Mario Abou Abdallah Samir Nassour
Mazen Nasreddine Cynthia El Murr
Maan Bou Saber Marwan Issa El Khoury
Hadi Rached Noreddine Kabalan
Walid Raphael Khoury Hanadi Dandan
Jihane Khairallah Walid Nasser
  Talal Jaber


Beirut on 

The Bar President


Activities of the Legal Affairs Follow-up Committee for Lebanon’s Accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and relevant agreements:

In the framework of helping Lebanon accede to the WTO, the Beirut Bar Association exclusively took part in the legal work relevant to the services involved in the practice of law:

1- Assigning lawyers to attend all lectures on the WTO agreements and submit reports on them

2- Assigning lawyers to participate in training sessions on the preparation of commitment charts of the services sector in the framework of the negotiations which should be undertaken for Lebanon’s accession to the WTO.

The committee convenes periodically and follows-up on this matter seriously with the Ministry of Economy. The committee aims to uphold the lawyers’ rights regarding their practice of law.


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