The Committees

The Legislative Committee
Committee on Professional Ethics
Committee of Culture
The Committee for Defending Public Freedom and Human Rights
Committee studying the taxation laws and the Anti-money laundering Law & Terrorism
The Legal Aid Committee
Anti-Corruption Committee
Committee of Energy and Water
Disbarment Committee
Follow up committee on the works of the special tribunal for Lebanon
The Committee of International Relations
Committee on Banking studies and Affairs
The Committee of the Prisons' Affairs
The Committee of Public Relations
The Committee of Sports
The Committee of the Environment
The Woman's Committee
The Family's Committee
Juveniles and Child Rights Committee
The Committee of the Follow up on Lebanon's accession to the WTO
Protocol Committee
The Committee of Anti-Resettlement and Normalization
The Committee of the Intellectual Property
The Bar's history and memory committee
Committee on administrative decentralization
Mock Trials Committee
Consumer Protection Committee
The Committee of the Trainee's affairs
Committee for drafting the optional civil marriage law
Committee for the Coordination and Implementation of International Treaties against Corruption
Procuration's Committee

The Lawyers Members

The President of the Beirut Bar Association by virtue of article 117 of the Internal Regulation nominates hereby the “IT Committee and new technologies” till the expiration of the current mandate, as follow:


 President Dr Charbel Wajdi El Kareh
 Vice president  Diana Wadih Rhayem
 Rapporteur Charbel Maurice Chbeir
Coordinator Marwan Charafedine Charafedine

 Lawyers Members:

    Linda Fehmi Kassem Pierre Youssef Khoury
Maroun Jean Mahouly    Jean Elie Akl
Jean Sleiman Abboud  Jasmin Aline Youssef Nammar
Tanios Elie Hnein Jad Metri Khairallah


Mohamed Khaled Jamal Rustom


 Mirna Walid Malak

Ghassan Nicolas Khoury

Beirut on 11/01/2017

Anthonio El Hachem
The Bar President


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